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Better user experience

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Real time customer support


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Transparent price structure

Lowest possible transfer fees

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Pan African single platform

Domestic, cross border and overseas transactions

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Online shopping

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Our solutions are carefully crafted to provide customers with enhanced user experience, the lowest possible transfer fee and fair exchange rate

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Try our secure and user-friendly money transfer app and enjoy faster transfers

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We offer the African community living or working away from their home countries secure, quality and affordable electronic financial payment methods across Africa through one single platform

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  • Add money to your wallet from multiple sources
  • Currency conversion with multi-currency wallet
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Wallet Transfer


  • Pay bills (utilities, medical, Government, education)
  • Pay salaries
  • Pay fees
  • Pay merchants (supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants)



  • Send money to:
    • Other wallet free
    • Mobile money
    • Bank account
    • Cash agent
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Our multi-currency wallet

  • Free wallet-to-wallet transfers
  • Send money between PayOnlime wallets for FREE
  • Pay bills and utilities for FREE
  • Competitive exchange rates

* Subject to local restrictions

Multi-currency Wallet

Free wallet-to-wallet transfer

  • If you have money in your wallet, you can send it to any other PayOnlime Wallet, anywhere in the world, absolutely FREE
  • We make sure the exchange rate will be competitive if you need to change your currencies
  • We make sure more of your money goes to those you love, not to high service fees
  • You can pay bills and utilities for FREE
  • There is a small charge to withdraw cash
Wallet To Wallet Transfer

How it works - Get set up and start spending with your app in minutes

Simply download the PayOnlime SL App from Google Play or the Apple Store. Make sure the person you want to send to has also downloaded and installed the App. You’ll need to enter a few personal details so that we comply with the international banking regulations – it’s called KYC or “Know your Customer”.

1Register in minutes
2Verify your identity
3Top up your account
4Start spending
Scan and Pay
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User friendly Wallet

The PayOnlime wallet is designed to make your user experience one click away. Simple and easy!

Easy Setup, get it up and running in a few seconds.

Easy and Simple Reporting

Eye View and check any transaction made.

Folder Generate transactions statements by any type or format.


Instant International Transfers With the PayOnlime wallet you can now send money from anywhere in the world at any time and your friend or family can cash it out immediately from any mobile money agent across Sierra Leone.


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Connecting Africa to the world


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    Safeguarded with leading banks

    All funds are held by respected international banks. The whole process from start to end is fully secured.

  • Secure Device

    Data protection

    Your money is completely safe with PayOnlime. All the sensitive information is only held in the secure database of the credit/debit companies or the international banks with whom we have partnerships.

  • Globe

    Regulated around the world

    We only provide financial services in those jurisdictions where we are regulated or we work with regulated partners.

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    Extra-secure transactions

    All transactions are encrypted using latest secure technology.

  • Shield

    Protected payment info

    Credit/Debit Card details are fully protected by PCI DSS certification.

Feedback from our customers

Frequently asked questions

Send money

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is usually determined by Master/Visa card and the bank.

If your transaction involves converting your payment currency into a different currency, we’ll display our exchange rate to you. Our exchange rate includes a currency conversion spread.

All currencies will be converted at the exchange rate displayed at the time of the transaction. PayOnlime’s exchange rates change regularly based on financial markets or the rates provided by our local partners.

When you pay for money transfer using a credit/debit card, your card issuer may charge a cash advance fee in addition to PayOnlime’s transaction fee.

What are the transfer charges?

  • Adding money to your PayOnlime wallet is ________
  • The fees to transfer funds to Mobile Money wallet, bank account or cash pickup vary depending on:
    • Transaction type
    • Your payment method and what currency you pay with
    • The amount of the transaction
    • Which country the transaction is going to
    • Which currency you select for the other person to receive
  • Transfer of funds to other PayOnlime wallet is FREE

How do I check the fees when sending money?

To check the fees when sending money to mobile money wallet, for cash pickup, or to a bank account:

  • Open the PayOnlime app or visit the PayOnlime website and select the Fee Calculator
  • Choose “send to” and pick a destination country
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Click Show Fees to check the fees for each payment method

How much money can I transfer?

The limits depend on the legal requirements of the receive country.

For further information please contact our customer service on +23290000111 / +23232000111.

Which countries can I send money to from Sierra Leone?

You can send money from Sierra Leone to the following countries _________

Do I need to register to send money on PayOnlime?

Yes, to send money you need to be registered. Once you have successfully registered you can start sending money instantly.

What types of bills can I pay with PayOnlime?

The types of bills you can pay change according to the country you’re sending to.
You may be able to pay the following Utility bills with PayOnlime:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet

My PayOnlime account

How can I add money to my PayOnlime wallet?

You can add money to your PayOnlime wallet using your Mobile Money wallet, Debit/Credit card or bank account.

Can I get a receipt for my transaction?

A receipt will be sent to your email after the transaction is made. You can also see the details of all your transactions in your profile.

Does it cost anything to register for a PayOnlime wallet?

No, it’s free to register.

Who can register and use PayOnlime?

To use our online money transfer service, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a valid ID (Passport, National ID, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID)
  • Must be of at least 18 years of age on the date of registration.
  • Must have a valid phone number

Does PayOnlime need to confirm my identity?

Yes, before making your first online transfer, you will need to verify your identity.

After creating your account, you’re required to provide the following information:

  • Full name.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your ID details. (Date of issue, Date of Expiry and ID Number) If an expired ID is detected, you will be asked to provide a new one.
  • Nationality

Receive money

What ways can I receive a money transfer?

Beneficiaries can receive money transfers the following ways depending on where they are located.

What do I need to bring to pick up cash at an agent location?

Bring a valid government-issued ID and the collection PIN.